Share® and the corona virus

February 27, 2020

First of all: there is no need to worry!

In recent weeks, the waves have been rising and the level of uncertainty among the population has reached new highs every day. This is why we see it as our task to contribute a little to the clarity. The Share® product family has its starting point in Southeast Asia, but we export from Switzerland and Austria to 44 countries around the world, including China and Japan. The fruits itself is fermented for 30! months and then individually packaged under a protective atmosphere. That means: all products that are currently on sale were harvested 2 1/2 years ago and are therefore guaranteed to be unencumbered. In addition, we now know that under ideal (laboratory) circumstances the Corona Virus survives a maximum of 7 days. Since all of our products no longer come into contact with the outside world after packaging, they are 100% safe for consumption.

We all know that the best protection against the virus (against any virus) is a well-functioning immune system. That is why we all pay attention to healthy nutrition and a first-class metabolism. Both support our immune system in its most challenging task. A lot of oxygen, a lot of sun, sufficient sleep support the intestinal health.



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