a plum? ... a Japanese apricot!

July 31, 2019



We have been eating and eating "plums" for three years now. That was correct, too, as the plum Family (prunus) is a VERY large one and we've received more and more requests from interested consumers lately. To take action of this interest, I would like to go more into detail here. We have also found a nice comparison: there is the term of "metals" and within the family of metals there are subgroups such as heavy metals, light metals, precious metals and base metals. Our fruits are from the family of "Prunus mume" and thus a subgroup of Japanese apricots. (as gold is also a metal ;-) These fruits have a hairy skin and a characteristic pit with two tips and "dimpels" (small indentations). These fruits are summarized in Japan under the term "Ume" and have great importance in the field of healthy nutrition throughout South-East Asia. The TCM says: Under the apricot tree people live for 1000 years ...



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