Comparison of Share-Original® plums

March 11, 2019

We are often approached by loyal customers who are unsure because of the differences in the appearance of their plums. To prevent speculation, we would like to provide some explanations here.

It is important to emphasize that Share-Original® is a pure natural product, subject to fluctuations depending on the harvest, such as grapes used in wine production. However, the duration of the subsequent fermentation also has an influence on the consistency and appearance of the plums. That's why every batch gets into production with certain differences.

An important step in the processing is the NATURAL drying of plums after the fermentation. This happens (similar to coffee or cocoa beans) without technical aids and thus leads - depending on weather conditions / humidity - to different results. As a result, the effect on the appearance but not on the quality of the plum and also on the appearance of the herbal coat.

Another criterion for the appearance (and also the ripeness) of the product is the storage of the packaged plums at home. As it is a LIVING FOOD, the plum matures in the packaging (also like good wine) and in dry, warm storage forms after some time a crystalline coat of the drying molasses and the herbs. It is fundamental to say that plums are fresh from production rather greenish / herbaceous to dark brown while older, stored plums appear rather light brown and crystalline.



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