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The fruit that originated from Japan – also called japanese apricot - has been cherished for it´s effect on the well-beeing in the gut, which is considered the second brain of the human body. Back in the 80s our team began the research on the amazing unique formula for fermentation and herbal coat. It took its time before the results led to the product as we know it today. It is organic certified as food in Asia. In 2016 we introduced this marvelous lifestyle snack to Europe and US and gave it its name: Share-Original®. We have adopted the knowledge, philosophy and spirit of the mystic Asian culture for the first time for Europe and the Western world and translated it into the most common world languages. Thanks to our team in Asia we have established a quality assurance system that enables us to maintain a consistent quality according to highest western standards.

The natural process of fermentation takes place in peaceful coexistence with the surrounding habitat. A variety of lactic acid bacteria, enzymes such as alpha amylases and microorganisms create a new spiritual food.

The farmers do their work in closed communities. No outside interference is desired and they are supported by the government.

Once the fruit has been handpicked and carefully inspected, the farmers place the fruit in large wooden barrels adding dark brown sugar cane molasses and ensure the barrels are tightly closed to avoid oxidation.
The further process involves burying the barrels in the ground for a period of at least 30 months to create the optimal temperature and best fermentation process with guaranteed highest quality results.

This provides the best basis for the optimal herb coating. After completion of the first fermentation the fruits are being taken out of the containers and sun dried until a residual moisture of 30% is reached. After a maximum of two weeks the second fermentation in the  packaging starts.




Where does the plum grow?

It grows in great quality across Taiwan and Hong Kong on red soil and is handpicked by local farmers.

What is fermentation?

Fermentation describes the process of curing the fruits under a controlled enzyme accumulation.

How long does the fermentation process take?

The fresh handpicked fruit is fermented for up to 14 months (from Sep.19 up to 30 month) and coated with a special herb mixture. The enzymes and microorganisms, which are released, are of great importance to our human body and health.

Do I have to commit to Share® for a life-time?

Absolutely not, just listen to your gut.

How many fruits per day are recommended?

In the beginning we recommend 1-2 pieces, later as you please.

Do I have to eat it at a specific time of a day?

As we are all different, you can decide for yourself. Our partner in China recommends eating it before bedtime.

Must I follow up with warm water?

Warm water (38°C / 100°F) aids with and improves the enzyme activity in your colon.

Is Share® fit for everyone?

Share-Original® is a certificated food and is suitable for both human and animals. Pregnant ladies – please consult your doctor. Children under 3 years – Danger of swallowing!

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